The Heart


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“..some Rabbis have suggested that the name sounded like breathing. Almost like He doesn’t have a name but He is the actual living one.”

About a year ago, I embarked on a personal journey to try and really understand what the freak the Bible is about (casual, right?).

What I mean by that is that I wanted to actually understand, textually, what it was/is saying.

Not based in my own interpretations of what I wanted the text to mean/say.
Not based on other people’s interpretations of what they want it to mean/say.. but instead, based on my own personal understanding of;

First– what the context/original translations of the actual Hebrew words means.
Second– a historical context of what was going on during the time period of what was being said.
Third– figuring out who the heck was saying it and why.
Fourth– what could accurately tell me with some intentional research… (make sure the sources of what you read are personally credible to you),
and finally,
with all of that actual contextual understanding (to the best of my ability, still working on all of this),
discovering what/how in the flipping world I feel about all of it in general.

The Bible is a big freaking book for those of you who might not be aware (yes, you’re sensing sarcasm..).

I’m learning peeps, this is just what I want(ed) answers about and no, it’s not easy, but I’m getting to the point of this so bear with me here.

A year ago (and probably a lil change) I was also the person who rolled my eyes if you dropped the word faith on me; God, religion (especially religion), and x y h z k- you name it, that was me. 👋🏻  Let me side note here and say that, in my opinion, that is completely okay. Breathe. Stay with me. No, I wasn’t raised that way… also think that’s entirely okay. My faith isn’t for other people so I don’t need to go into all that entails.

BUT, (fam- if you have read this far you are actually awesome 👊🏻 )

My point of this whole shabang is this;

I think #150daysofpsalms is awesome.
I think @theheart is awesome.
I think the way Jason teaches is awesome.

If you don’t care, that is also TOTALLY okay.
But…… if you happen to relate to some portion of this, maybe you’ll also think the priorly mentioned things are also….. well awesome.

I don’t know. That’s up to you, so..

check them out if you wanna;

“Let me shatter your world for a moment if you haven’t thought about this. God is not God’s name (don’t freak out..).”

I also think the peace that can be felt when in the presence of a body of water is related in some fashion to the peace that can be found//I’ve found with God/my faith/insert whatever word(s) you’re comfortable with putting here, and a million other things I won’t attempt to go into because I know this is incredibly long by now.

Also (second side note), last night I took on a 10 hour drive, shout out to the peeps who kept up with it on my Insta snap story (haha..the struggle).
10 hours is a lot of time to think.

I struggle with getting personal and have found that making myself uncomfortable is THE best way to break that down and strengthen myself.

I’m uncomfortable.
The mystery of God (insert a different name is you wish) is awesome.
Explore this if you’re interested, and if you’re not, that is still okay.

Enjoy the landing and taking off periods in life, friends.



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  1. Kelly says:

    WOW……I had to read this twice….yes in it’s entirety…guess that makes me awesome! You are awesome! You are wonderfully made….


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